As an alternative to installing a completely new system, many homeowners are able to save time, money, and effort by retrofitting their current HVAC system with new components. This process often requires the assistance of a licensed, professional contractor who can make recommendations on which components to replace and then carry out the retrofitting process.

If you feel retrofitting could help your HVAC system run at higher efficiency, our team wants to help. We are a licensed, professional and customer-focused company and it’s our goal to be the go-to HVAC contractor in the East Bay Area. 

In the sections to follow, we will answer some common questions regarding HVAC retrofitting and give you a better idea of how our team can help.

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What is HVAC retrofitting?

When we work with a customer, it’s our goal to offer them a solution that makes sense for their space, their budget, and their personal preferences and needs. While it occasionally is smartest to completely replace or install an entirely new system, retrofitting allows us to use parts of the existing system to save the customer time, money, or the inconvenience of going through the new install process.

When does it make sense to retrofit?

If your current system is struggling to keep up with the temperatures, you notice your energy bills steadily rising or you want to add more heating or cooling power to your home, a retrofit might make sense. Many people are forced to explore a retrofit after their system’s components fail, but others want to take advantage of newer and more efficient units so a retrofit makes sense.

How do I choose the correct retrofitting option?

It’s difficult to make the right selection without knowing your options and the pros and cons of those choices, so it’s our job to evaluate your current situation and make recommendations to fit your needs. There are typically multiple options when retrofitting, including the addition of a new unit to go with existing ductwork or the installation of a ductless system for homes that don’t currently have central air. Whatever your scenario, our team will ensure we help you find the ideal solution.

What are the benefits of retrofitting?

Retrofitting allows a customer to select an option that works for their needs, and it often saves time and money. Because we don’t have to install all new components, especially when we can use existing ductwork, the labor costs of retrofitting and the impact on your home are typically much less.

What should I expect from my AC tech?

We pride ourselves on putting the customer’s needs first, and you will experience this from the first time you meet your tech. It’s our goal to provide the best solution for our customers, no matter the cost or profit we receive, so you can trust us to give you a fair and honest assessment.


I am a real estate agent and Will put in a new furnace for one of my clients. He did a great job and they were very happy with his work.

Mike D.

Will is experienced, reliable, and a great communicator. I hire and refer him whenever I get a chance!

Bethany O.

We had two other guys come out and couldn’t figure out the problem.Will figured it out right away. Will made us feel very comfortable. He always communicated every step of the way and we are very happy with his work. I would recommend Will to everyone I know!

Amy M.

My experience with Cozy Conditions was amazing. The quality of the product was second to none. The work was done very efficiently and without issue. I would recommend them to anyone.

Benjamin B.

Will is as good they get! He knows his stuff and is as fair and honest as they come. He’s a true family man who works hard for not only his family but also yours!!!


Will was very professional – he explained all the details and worked efficiently. The price was awesome too.

Francisco E.

Will replaced a furnace for me located in my basement. I was pleasantly surprised on how neat and clean the installation went. No issues and the furnace works great. I will have Cozy Conditions back this spring to do a service check on my AC.

Denise M.

We would gladly hire Cozy Conditions again for a project and would recommend them wholeheartedly. The work was done with care, they kept their commitments, and the work area was tidy and orderly.

Michelle L.

It was time to replace our existing unit. We got several bids, and so happy we went with Will. He was very informative, honest, and we really appreciated that. The timeline/install was exactly what he had said. I highly recommend Cozy Conditions! Thank you Will!!

Kimi L.

After screening several contractors and well-known HVAC businesses, it was clear to me that Cozy Conditions was the best overall value. I received daily updates on the progress of the job and Will always checked in to make sure I didn’t have any questions.

Clifford H.

Will not only did an excellent job of both my installations, but also charged me a rate which was extremely reasonable. He installed a mini-split system on the roof of my office building and an exhaust fan in the men’s restroom. He is now my regular HVAC tech.

Ramesh M.

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