Is your current gas furnace failing to adequately heat your Walnut Creek home? Are you building or renovating a property in need of a new, energy-efficient heating system? The experienced technicians at CCHVAC specialize in complete gas furnace installation services for Walnut Creek households.

From proper sizing to seamless installation and beyond, we handle your entire furnace replacement process with expertise and care. Equipped with top-tier training, certificated, and decades of real-world experience, our team makes upgrading your home heating system hassle-free. Read on as we outline our gas furnace installation process from start to finish.

Sizing Correctly
We start every furnace installation project by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your home’s size, layout, insulation, window area, and other variables that impact heating needs. After carefully calculating the heating load, we recommend an appropriately sized gas furnace model that will provide sufficient warmth for your space without overheating and wasting fuel. Proper sizing is critical for efficiency.

Choosing the Right Unit
With accurate load information, we help you select the ideal furnace considering available efficiency tiers, features, warranty options, and your budget. Higher efficiency units like 95% AFUE models cost more upfront but deliver superior long-term savings. We offer the top brands on the market to find the perfect furnace for your home. Once selected, we order the equipment and schedule your installation.

Meticulous Installation
On installation day, our team starts by protecting your home’s furnishings and floors from dust and debris. We shut off and disconnect your old, inefficient furnace for removal and begin modifying existing ductwork and gas lines as required for the new equipment. The replacement furnace is then brought indoors and carefully put into place. Strict attention is paid to ventilation, airflow, leakage protection, and combustion safety every step of the way.

Completing the Details 
With the new furnace positioned and connected, we complete all electrical work, thermostat wiring, and gas line hookups per code. Multiple safety checks are conducted on all connections and components. We then power up your furnace for the first time and fine-tune the equipment for peak efficiency and comfort. The final steps include cleaning up thoroughly and providing full documentation, warranty info, and operating instructions on your new system.

Preventative Maintenance

Our work doesn’t stop once your new gas furnace is installed. We provide Walnut Creek homeowners with continued support and preventative maintenance to maximize the performance and lifespan of your system. Our maintenance plans include annual tune-ups prior to winter, filter replacements, and priority service calls. Preventative maintenance helps avoid many repairs down the road. We want your furnace running smoothly for decades to come.

Repair Service

If any issue does come up with your gas furnace, CCHVAC offers 24/7 repair service to Walnut Creek households. Our technicians have extensive training specific to major furnace manufacturers. We can diagnose and fix any problem, from igniter and pilot light failures to motor and sensor issues. We even handle full replacements of heat exchangers, burners, blowers, and all internal components. Rest assured your new furnace investment will be protected for years through our expert repair work.

Don’t wait until your outdated furnace fails completely. Be proactive and upgrade on your own terms with CCHVAC. Our team has the expertise to size, source, install, and optimize a new gas furnace tailored to your Walnut Creek home’s specific heating requirements. Enjoy superior warmth and savings this winter. Contact us today to schedule your furnace replacement consultation!