Finding the right air conditioning system to meet the unique needs of your home, your budget and your personal preferences can be difficult. There are a seemingly endless number of options on the market today, all with unique pros, cons and price points.

In the moderate climate we experience here in the East Bay Area, your home might need a simple solution like a ductless system or it could require a full central air system. Depending on your choice, there are even rebates and tax credits available for choosing an eco-friendly option.

If you’re having trouble selecting the right unit and/or finding a reputable contractor to install the system then our team of pros is here to help. We have helped countless people in Antioch, Dublin, Pleasant Hill, Pittsburg, Concord and the surrounding areas find their ideal AC solution and our team of professionals is licensed and experienced to install your new system.

Fujitsu is a popular brand of AC systems in our area and they’re a great choice for many of our clients. In the sections to follow, we will discuss Fujitsu’s offerings as well as our installation process for their systems.

Ductless System Proficiency

While Fujitsu offers both ductless and central air conditioning systems, their focus in recent years has been on mini-split systems which are designed to cool specific areas of a home. In warmer climates these systems might not be an ideal option, but in the temperate environment where most of our clients live, these smaller systems are enough to keep them comfortable and have a much smaller impact on the environment. 

Fujitsu’s ductless systems are branded as Airstage Mini-Split systems, and they have provided great results for our clients who are seeking to cool specific spaces in their homes, want a lower energy bill and/or if the construction of the home would make it difficult or impossible to install a central air system.

Single and Multiple Room Solutions

While many people assume a mini-split system is only a viable option to cool one room, Fujitsu’s system allows for multi-room cooling. Their multiple room cooling option allows for different mounting styles to match the aesthetics of the area and these units also give the owner control of the temperature of individual rooms rather than having to set one temperature for the whole home. With these systems, you can cool just one room or up to five depending on your needs. Enjoy multiple unit types and efficiency ratings up to 33 SEER with these state of the art units.

Our Installation Process

If you are considering a Fujitsu system, our team members will be happy to work with you to assess the needs of your home, your preferences and your budget to help you select the ideal setup. Once we have the right unit for your needs, we focus on a smooth and minimally-invasive install process. We can work on your schedule and our team has the equipment and expertise to perform the installation quickly and effectively, leaving you with a comfortable environment and a well-functioning system.

To learn more, give us a call today and ask about our AC unit installation services.